Paralos Venus Suites is an exceptional culinary destination, thanks to the emphasis we like to bring to your every plate. Everything we prepare for you has the taste of Crete and Greece, the breeze of the Aegean Sea together with the unspoiled mountains covered with aromatic herbs and trees. Enjoy homecooked dishes with carefully chosen ingredients full of vitamins that boost your wellness and empower your well-being. A flavourful journey to our Cretan gastronomic roots awaits every guest as a fundamental daily habit of the healthy Mediterranean diet. With our menus, you will feel rejuvenated and nourished, and that is a promise we never fail to fulfil.

Our chef goes daily to the local market to get fresh, locally produced veggies, meat and fish for you, creating a menu that highlights the Cretan abundance of rich tastes. From the famous Cretan honey to the extra virgin olive oil and aromatic Cretan herbs, every plate we create for you is an authentic experience made with love, defined by the talent of our top chef and the delectable recipes. Our exclusively a la carte menus ensure a unique dining experience accompanied by handpicked local and Greek wines and handcrafted cocktails.

Embark on a delicious journey with a surprise around every taste of Greece and the Mediterranean. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are excited to make you a loyal fan of our culinary experience. Feel at home with us as we treat you as a guest of honour, ready to satisfy your every need.

Enjoy a culinary adventure at our second brand-new a-la-carte restaurant, featuring a Cretan set menu with the finest local-only products. Half-Board guests enjoy an exclusive complimentary experience once per completed week. Elevate your senses with the exceptional quality and flavors of the region. Reservation is required upon arrival.